Alabama and its Republican Party have been the laughing stock of the nation since allegations surfaced of an affair between Governor Bentley and his top political aid. Talk of impeachment among some Republican lawmakers has actually made things worse by highlighting the level of corruption in our state’s government–mainly that of current House Speaker Mike Hubbard and Chief Justice Roy Moore–for the national press.

It’s no secret that Alabama’s Republican Party enjoys broad support, but there are clearly cracks in its foundation that led state GOP Chair Terry Lathan to defend her party’s record last week in response to the scandal.

Lathan touts the fact that Republicans have cut over $1 billion from state employment–8,100 jobs to be exact. This 7.28% decrease in Alabama’s government means it’s more difficult for Alabama residents to access the services they need. But when you understaff government agencies, it’s easier to sell a narrative of government inefficiency. Many of those government employees were teachers. Alabama saw the second highest reduction in spending per student (21.4 percent) of any state from 2008-2014.

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