Over a hundred members of the LGBTQ+ community and their families, friends, and allies rallied in Oxford on Saturday to celebrate the city’s decision to rescind an anti-trans “bathroom bill.” Most attendees were from Oxford and surrounding Calhoun County in a significant showing of support for the transgender community.

Saturday’s rally marked an important moment for Alabama. It increased the visibility of the state’s LGBTQ+ residents, demonstrating that even as a marginalized population we have the power to make positive change in this deeply conservative state. Attendees took an active role in combatting bigotry and hate by showing that we all care about many of the same things–our families, friends, and the communities in which we live.


In another sign of victory, a planned counter-protest to support Oxford’s repealed “bathroom bill” never materialized.

Earlier in the day, Oxford Council Member Charlotte Hubbard announced she will introduced a new bathroom ordinance with even tougher penalties targeting sexual predators, but makes no mention of gender identity. We will not stand idly by as state and local governments attempt to codify discrimination and will be watching to ensure this new bill is not used to discriminate against transgender individuals.

The rally received broad media coverage which can be found at AL.com, Anniston Star, WBRC, and WTVM.


6 thoughts on “#StandWithTrans Rally Takes Place in Oxford

    1. Public pressure and the threat of lawsuits forced them to rescind the ordinance and that’s worth celebrating. You’re right, though. We can’t lose sight of the fact that everyone on the council supported (and still supports) trans discrimination and it’s critical for progressive citizens to challenge these officeholders in elections. Do you know of any good candidates thinking about running?


      1. The point above should be clear–they returned their rescinded ordinance in a new guise, more awful than before, with greater room for abuse. The new ordinance, as written, is draconian and does NOT create the school exemption as stated.

        The celebration could’ve been put to use making a positive, constructive demand. But it was just a party. Smart activists know that a party is not a measurable goal. This “even” did not garner the kind of news it could have because there was nothing newsworthy in it.

        “People showed up to counter a nationally unpopular but locally cherished ordinance with a celebration.” Absurd. Simply absurd.

        Activism requires defined, measurable goals. This town is far too conservative to elect anyone who opposes the ordinance. But the rally organizers failed to capitalize on the forward momentum and create the change they desired.

        Until the LGBTQIAA+ community of Calhoun County wises up and learns how to produce constructive, goal-oriented activism, very little will ever change and the issue will die in the public eye as the media turns away from the story.

        So it’s a good thing some of us are working to keep the heat on the bigots. A single letter to the Anniston Star gains more local attention than playing Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.


      2. Victor, I really appreciate your passion and I completely agree. This blog is very much a work in progress with the main goal (at least for now) of increasing visibility of the progressive grassroots activism that is taking place. I think this is important for giving people a sense of hope that things can be better and that there are allies on the ground. Also, since I currently work in the DC area, this is the contribution I feel I can make. I’d be interested in talking to you more about potential collaboration and how this space can be improved. Let me know if you’re interested and thanks for your response.

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      3. Yeah, I get bent out of shape when my warnings are dismissed. It’s a flaw, but it’s also how the squeaky wheel gets greased.

        I’d definitely be interested in working with you to improve the situation. It’s going to take a multi-pronged attack to make sure social justice reigns and the bigots don’t win.

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